Fireworks in Sardinia for great events

Our fireworks displays have just a limit: the sky.

Fireworks in Sardinia up in the sky.
We paint with fire in the sky of Sardinia

We can set up fireworks displays in the most different locations: on the land, on the beach or on the water, thanks to our rafts approved for transportation of fireworks.

Our technical staff will design for you the best display, thanks to the Art and mastery and acquired over time.

We can create both a show of traditional fireworks or we can realize a pyromusical show.

Traditional fireworks

Fireworks in Sardinia on the sea
We can set up fireworks displays also on the sea of Sardinia

This is the best known type of show: we use fireworks that are launched at more than 100 meters of height and will explode in a myriad of colors and lights.

The effects of pyrotechnic explosions are the most varied:yellow peonies, green, blue.

Special designs, such as

  • circles, octagons, Saturnian, butterflies, smiles
  • scale bombs,
  • large willows – both gold and silver
  • golden ponytails,
  • bombs that release special artifices hanging on small parachutes
  • multiple flash, a special effect which consists of a myriad of silver flashing lights in the sky

Our fiery scenes will also have designs and shapes drawn in the sky through the help of the roman candles, the singke shot mines, or silvery waterfalls anfìd fountains to the ground.

Pyromusical – fireworks with music

If In a show of traditional fireworks the main protagonists are , the lights, the colors the pace and intensity of the launches, in a pyromusical show is also taken into account the ability of the pyrotechnician to find the perfect combination of a particular music and the fires.

It is in fact required particular attention in understanding and interpreting the message that a particular piece of music meant to convey.

Through experience in the field of pyrotechnics, our staff is is therefore called upon to translate the emotions of the music in a dance of fire.

Thanks to special software specifically designed for this purpose, we will build all of the light patterns that will manifest through rhythm, precision in execution, the majesty, following the emotions that transmit the notes to the public.