Fireworks in Sardinia for your wedding.

Fireworks are being shot during a wedding celebration
  • You’ll meet an exclusive team entirely focused on fireworks displays for weddings in Sardinia.
  • We offer the best solutions for personalized pyrotechnics displays,  contributing to make your wedding unforgettable.
  • The wishes of the customer and his/her budget are always took in account, keeping a perfect quality / price ratio.

Imagine how amazing can be watching a multitude of colored lights from the spaces of a country estate, or on the shores of the beautiful Sardinian sea, or even in a luxurious villa in Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda, admiring the spectacle of fireworks shooted from the sea. Remember, our limit is the sky!

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Classic and aerial fireworks displays

Fireworks display in Sardinia during a wedding
A married couple celebrating their wedding in Sardinia with fireworks!

This is probably the most known type of fireworks display. Thousands of colorful explosions in the sky, while the set up and execution can take place both on land or on the sea, using our barges approved for the transport of fireworks.

Fireworks writings, fire falls and fountain dances

We can set up for you a fiery writing, in a wide range of colors you can choose from, or if you want something original we can design a special dance of fireworks using pyrotechnic fountains or even a silver fire fall!

Silver fountains welcoming the arrival of the married couple, or during the first dance, or even at the cutting of the wedding cake, when a fire fall or fiery suns are being lit, filling the entire place with silver, red and gold shades : these are just some of the ideas we can turn into reality with you.

This type of display can also be an excellent choice if that the celebrations take place in an area with little spaces available or in locations where there is the need not to disturb people, wild fauna or pets.

Fireworks displays and music

All the examples of fireworks displays described on this page can also be provided in pyromusical version!

In fact or customers often ask for a particular music (as can be the song that made them fall in love) to be coupled with our fireworks to accompany the culminating moment of the celebration. Can you imagine something more romantic than this?

Wedding planner

Are you a wedding planner? Are you looking for a fireworks professional in Sardinia, on behalf of your clients? We are open to a collaboration with you: it will be our great pleasure know your ideas about the celebration and to work with you to combine our services with your professionalism!

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