Fireworks displays for corporate events in Sardinia

A fireworks display on the shores of Sardinia during a corporate event

We work with agencies that organize corporate events, providing our fireworks displays as a precious added value.

We can set up the fireworks display in the most exclusive locations in Sardinia, such as resorts, hotels, conference centers.

Red and blue fireworks in Sardinia for corporate events
Fireworks lights on the Sardinian sea

We design and set up aerial pyrotechnic effects or fireworks choreographies on the soil during during events such as ones for brands presentations and new products exhibitions.

We are equipped with instrumentation that allows us to control the pyrotechnic show from the distance and in maximum safety (communicating with the ignition computers through encrypted radio channels).

Depending on the location, it is also possible to perform shows in small spaces or even indoors, using special effects dedicated to scenic and theatrical use.

Fireworks displays with music and fireworks on the sea

All our displays can also be set up combining fireworks with music, giving life to a pyromusical show.

Finally, we can set up the pyrotechnic choreographies both on land and on the sea. In fact we have special barges that have been designed approved for the transport of exoplosives and the execution of fireworks displays.

Gold and green fireworks in Sardinia during a corporate event on the shore.